Certificates of Insurance


To provide evidence of insurance coverage.

Contractor, Subcontractor or Vendor Certificates

Certificates of insurance received from contractors, subcontractors or vendors should be forwarded to the Office of Insurance & Risk Management for review in order to ensure that they comply with Tulane's requirements and that coverages are placed with financially sound companies.

Certificate Requests Evidencing Tulane's Insurance Coverage

Please email the Office of Insurance & Risk Management at oirm@tulane.edu to request an insurance certificate. Unless otherwise specified, the certificate will be sent to requestor via email.

If a contract is involved, please forward a copy of the contract, which includes the insurance and indemnity/hold harmless provisions, to the Office of Insurance & Risk Management via fax: 504.862.8766 or email: oirm@tulane.edu.

Medical Malpractice Insurance Verifications and Physician Claims History Requests are handled by The Office of the General Counsel.  Please send requests to ClaimsVerification@tulane.edu.