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1st Quarter Departmental Safety Representative Meeting Materials and Focus Inspection now available:

1st Quarter 2023 Focus Inspection- Electrical Safety

1st Quarter 2023 DSR Meeting Materials

2022 Introduction to Lab Safety for new students:

2022 OEHS Introduction to Lab Safety (recording)

2022 OEHS Introduction to Lab Safety (presentation)

Mold and Indoor Air Quality Investigations

OEHS and Facilities Services collaborate on mold and indoor air quality investigations to ensure that the root cause of the moisture intrusion or odor is addressed. The most efficient way to ensure that mold and indoor air quality concerns are addressed is to submit a Service Wave to Campus Services. OEHS engages directly with Campus Services.

First Report of Injuries

The injury and illness reporting process for employees has changed.  Immediately following a workplace injury, notify your supervisor and call the Employee Injury Call Center at (855) 433-9938 to speak with a registered nurse. The registered nurse will evaluate your incident and determine care.

New Resources:

Please review the Safety Checklist for Telework Employees if you are performing telework.