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Uptown Golf Cart Policy


This Policy sets forth the permissible use of golf carts and other 3 or 4-wheeled cart-type vehicles that are powered by electric or internal combustion engines (hereinafter referred to as “Golf Cart” or “Golf Carts”) on the Uptown campus of Tulane University (“University”). This Policy specifies requirements to become an authorized Golf Cart operator and establishes registration requirements for Golf Carts. Additionally, this Policy sets forth safety requirements for Golf Cart use.


This Policy applies to Golf Carts operated by authorized University employees, students, and University-approved contractors on the University’s Uptown Campus whether University or Contractor owned. Any use other than official University business is expressly prohibited. This Policy does not apply to tractors or other machinery.


The use of Golf Carts at the University’s Uptown Campus is limited to University departments/schools/units (hereinafter “Department” or “Departments”) upon demonstration of a Valid Business Use, which is defined as “transporting personnel/equipment/supplies for the University or transporting individuals in alignment with the Americans with Disabilities Act (hereinafter “ADA”) needs.

A University-approved contractor must be sponsored by a University Department to use University-owned or contractor-owned Golf Carts if there is a Valid Business Use and the contractor agrees to follow this Policy in its entirety. A Department seeking to sponsor a contractor to use a Golf Cart must complete the Request for Contractor Use of a Golf Cart Form (Exhibit A) which can be obtained on the Office of Insurance & Risk Management website. The request must be reviewed and approved by the Vice President for Insurance & Risk Management and the Vice President for Facilities Management and Campus Development.

Golf Carts may not be used for personal convenience or personal errands, other than for ADArelated needs.


Only authorized University employees and students, and University-approved contractors may operate a Golf Cart. To become an authorized Golf Cart operator, the following criteria must be met:

a. annual completion of an online training program

b. annual acknowledgement and acceptance of Golf Cart Operator Terms & Conditions, which is to be completed with the online training program; and

c. no suspended or revoked Drivers’ License (note: if a prospective or current Golf Cart operator has a suspended or revoked Drivers’ License, the Office of Insurance & Risk Management in conjunction with the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer will consider on a case-by-case basis whether such prospective or current Golf Cart operator should be authorized to operate a Golf Cart).

Each Department that operates a Golf Cart and/or sponsors a contractor’s operation of a Golf Cart shall be responsible for insuring that only authorized Golf Cart operators are permitted to operate a Golf Cart. Allowing non-authorized Golf Cart operators to operate a Golf Cart will result in temporary or permanent revocation of Golf Cart privileges.


The use of Golf Carts is permitted on the Tulane University Uptown Campus, set forth on the attached map (Exhibit B), which indicates the permissible (“Go Zone”) areas of use. Use of Golf Carts in prohibited areas shall be permitted in the following circumstances only:
a. between the hours of 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 a.m.;
b. on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays when the University is closed; with the exception of university campus wide events
c. during the University’s Winter Break and Spring Break;
d. in response to an emergency; or
e. when necessary to access a building entrance due to ADA-related needs.

As necessary, revised routes and/or maps will be sent out via email by Facility Management and Campus Planning to a ListServ of designated contact persons for each Department that operates a Golf Cart or sponsors a contractor’s use of a Golf Cart in order to advise of temporary changes in approved/prohibited areas of use due to construction or other projects or events. It will be the responsibility of the designated contact person to distribute this information to all Golf Cart operators within the applicable Department and/or to all sponsored University-approved contractors.

Golf Carts should not operate on city streets and/or roadways except to cross per the exception provided by the City of New Orleans.


Parking is allowed only on hard, paved surfaces (e.g. asphalt, concrete, brick) or on designated packed gravel surfaces. Parking in any of the following areas is strictly prohibited and will result in the issuance of a citation (see exceptions noted below):
a. on soft surfaces such as landscaping, unpaved surfaces (except for packed gravel surfaces), and areas covered by mulch, pine bark or straw;
b. in front of entrances to buildings, stairways, handicap ramps, or main thoroughfares; or
c. on sidewalks.

Exceptions to parking rules apply only if a Golf Cart is:
a. delivering equipment/materials to a building that does not have a parking space near the building entrance, the Golf Cart may be temporarily parked in front of the building to allow the equipment to be delivered; however, no more than twenty (20) minutes shall be allowed for such equipment delivery;
b. responding to an emergency, parking is permitted as needed to access an area in the most expedient way possible;
c. transporting an ADA passenger, the Golf Cart may park on a sidewalk close to a building’s entrance to assist the ADA passenger with access to the building


All Golf Carts must be purchased through the Purchasing Department. A Department seeking to purchase a Golf Cart must first complete the Request for Purchase of a Golf Cart Form (See Exhibit C) which is found on the Office of Insurance & Risk Management website. The request must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Insurance & Risk Management and the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer prior to the purchase. Once reviewed, the application will be returned to the requesting Department with all appropriate signatures indicating approval or denial. Purchasing will not place any orders without the approval documents.

Facilities Services shall be notified by the Office of Insurance & Risk Management when approval for a purchase has been granted. Whenever feasible, electric-powered cart-type vehicles instead of internal combustion engine vehicles should be purchased.


All Golf Carts, including contractor-owned Golf Carts, shall be delivered to Tulane Facilities Services, by contacting the Facilities Services at 865-5445, for the following registration requirements:

a. addition of an official University logo bearing the Department’s and/or Contractor’s name displayed clearly and visibly on the Golf Cart;
b. issuance of a permit number which shall be eight (8) inches high and displayed on the front and back of the Golf Cart;
c. a sticker on the back of the Golf Cart bearing the phone number for reports of policy violations (865-5653;)
d. a laminated copy of the map, broken down into front, middle and back of Uptown Campus, to be maintained in the Golf Cart at all times;
e. a registration sticker (showing month/year of issuance) to be placed on the driver’s side of the windshield;
f. verification that the Golf Cart is equipped with an audible warning device to be used only when the Golf Cart is in reverse (if the Golf Cart is not equipped with an audible warning device, one will be installed and the owner of the Golf Cart will be charged as necessary by Facilities Services);
g. verification that the Golf Cart is equipped with a visual blinking indicator light (if the Golf Cart is not equipped with a visual blinking indicator light, one will be installed and the owner of the Golf Cart will be charged as necessary by Facilities Services); and
h. verification the Golf Cart is equipped with a full rear-view mirror (if the Golf Cart is not equipped with a full rear-view mirror, one will be installed and the owner of the Golf Cart will be charged as necessary by Facilities Services).

Facilities Services will invoice each Department and/or contractor for the actual cost incurred for the registration requirements. Additionally, Facilities Services will maintain a master list of all registered Golf Carts, including:
a. name of Department or contractor;
b. name, number and email address for responsible person from the applicable Department and/or contractor; and
c. description of Golf Cart, including permit number, serial number and University asset number (if applicable)
d. department designated parking/charging location

Any Golf Cart without the proper markings and identification as noted above will be subject to citation and/or impoundment.


Each Golf Cart will be assessed an annual fee of $500.00 by Uptown Facilities Services each fiscal year which includes annual maintenance to be performed by Facilities Services (excluding battery replacement). Failure to pay the annual fee within the fiscal year will result in loss of privileges to operate the Golf Cart.

The annual fee will be prorated for Golf Carts purchased after the start of the fiscal year.


All Golf Cart operators shall abide by the following safety rules. Any violation of these safety rules may result in a citation per Section XI below and/or disciplinary action.

a. General Operation: Golf Carts shall not be operated in a manner that endangers passengers, other individuals or damage property.
b. Direction of Travel: All Golf Carts must travel in the direction of the flow of traffic (when travelling on Tulane streets, including Law Rd.) and in accordance with the permissible direction of travel indicated on the map, and must obey all campus traffic regulations and signs. z
c. Pedestrian/Cyclist Right-of-Way: Pedestrians and cyclists have the right of way at all times and under all circumstances. Passing shall not occur on landscaping or grass covered areas.
d. Speed Limits: On campus streets, Golf Carts shall not exceed posted speed limits for motorized vehicles. In all other areas, Golf Cart operators must reduce speed to the equivalent of a slow walking pace.
e. Passenger Limit and Load Capacity: Occupancy shall not exceed the passenger limit and load capacity designated by the Golf Cart’s manufacturer.
f. Passenger and Operator Safety: Passengers and Golf Cart operators must keep their heads, legs and arms within the cab of the Golf Cart. Under no circumstances is anyone to ride standing in or on the back of a Golf Cart or to step or jump from the Golf Cart until it has stopped moving.
g. Cell Phones/Headphones: Golf Cart operators are prohibited from using cell phones while operating a Golf Cart, including writing, reading or sending text-based communications. Additionally, Golf Cart operators are prohibited from using headphones, including those for iPods, MP3 players, and the like.
h. Audible Warning Device: With the exception of TUPD, all Golf Carts must be equipped with an audible warning device that will sound at all times while the Golf Cart is in reverse motion.
i. Strobe Light: All Golf Carts must be equipped with a visual blinking indicator light which shall be turned on at all times during operation.
j. Headlights: All Golf Carts must utilize headlights for operation after dark. Golf Carts that are not equipped with headlights may not be operated after dark.


Citations TUPD will issue citations for Policy violations, as follows:

a. careless and reckless operation (including but not limited to excessive speed, unreasonable encroachment upon a pedestrian or cyclist, failure to yield);
b. driving Golf cart in unauthorized area; and
c. illegal parking

For parking violations, TUPD will make every effort to identify the operator of the Golf Cart and issue the citation directly to the operator, with copies being sent to the responsible Department. If the operator is unable to be identified, the citation will be issued to the responsible Department or contractor and the Department or contractor will be charged.

Copies of operational citations will be sent to the applicable Department Head and the Office of Insurance and Risk Management.

If a contractor receives a citation as a result of a violation of this Policy, the Department responsible for hiring the contractor shall be responsible for any fines that are not timely paid by such contractor.

Loss of Operating Privileges

Any individual receiving two (2) citations for operational violations of this Policy within a twelve (12) month period will forfeit the privilege of operating a Golf Cart for one (1) year. However, if bodily injury or significant property damage arises as a result of the operation of a Golf Cart, an individual may lose the privilege of operating a Golf Cart for at least one (1) year, or longer if deemed appropriate by the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, in consultation with the Office of Insurance & Risk Management, regardless of the number of citations received by such individual. At the end of one (1) year, further review of privileges will occur. Operators involved in accidents are suspended until internal investigations are complete.

Disciplinary Action

Violation of this Policy by an employee may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. If an employee is required to drive a Golf Cart as part of his/her official job description and is suspended from operating a Golf Cart, that employee may face termination if, in the University’s sole discretion, alternative job duties for which the employee is qualified are not available. Violation of this Policy by a contractor may result in suspension or termination of Golf Cart usage on Tulane premises.


Complaints regarding Policy violations will be forwarded to the Office of Insurance & Risk Management for investigation and will be handled on a case by case basis.


All Golf Carts must be routinely inspected and maintained as recommended by the manufacturer, but no less than annually. All maintenance of Golf Carts will be performed by, and the maintenance records maintained by, Facilities Services. Routine maintenance (excluding batteries) shall be included in the annual fee specified in Section IX above. For any maintenance performed by Facilities Services that is beyond routine maintenance, an additional fee shall be charged to the applicable Department and/or contractor.

Golf Carts may not be modified without the approval of Facilities Services, and any modifications to Golf Carts must be performed by Facilities Services.


All accidents and injuries involving Golf Carts must be reported immediately to TUPD and the Office of Insurance and Risk Management. Any bodily injuries affecting employees or students should be reported via the first report of injury form or student injury form found on the OEHS website.


Each Department will be held liable for the first $2,500.00 (or more as deemed appropriate by and at the discretion of the Senior Vice President for Operations & CFO) of any bodily injury or property damage loss that results from negligent operation of or failure to properly secure any Golf Cart owned or operated by such Department.


When a Department disposes of any Golf Cart that has been authorized to operate under this Policy, Facilities Services must be notified by the Department so that the Golf Cart may be removed from the Master List. Disposition of any Golf Cart shall be conducted in conjunction and coordination with Materials Management.

Facilities Services shall have the authority to condemn any Golf Cart, in its sole discretion, that is deemed unsafe to operate and/or unable to properly service or maintain due to the age and/or condition of the Golf Cart.