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Supervisors, Office Managers and Directors


If an employee reports an injury, fill out both pages of the First Report of Occupational Injury/Illness found here.


Email completed report to workcomp@tulane.edu or fax to 504-865-6796 within 24 hours of the injury.


Correct any health and safety concerns resulting from the incident, findings, for corrective action.

Serious and/or Life Threatening Injuries

If the injury is serious, call Tulane Police immediately. Tulane Police will call 911, if considered necessary.

  • Uptown Campus Police – (504) 865-5911  or ext. 55911
  • Downtown Campus Police – (504) 988-5555 or ext. 85555
  • Primate Center Police – (985) 871-6411 or ext. 6411

Family Medical Leave

If your doctor has determined that you are medically disabled and unable to perform your job for a period of five (5) days or more, you are required to apply for a University leave.  The reason for this is that some leaves give you certain rights not covered by a workers' compensation claim, like job protection under the Family and Medical Leave.  To apply for a leave, contact the Human Resources Leave Coordinator, Bunnie Sylve at 504-247-1717 or bsylve2@tulane.edu.

Student Worker

If a student worker is injured while working, then follow the same steps as you would for employees. Student workers will be covered as an employee. 

Modified Duty

If an employee is placed on modified duty by their physician, notify Karen Simon, Workers' Compensation at 504-247-1716.

Out of Work

If an employee is placed out of work by their physician, notify Workers' Compensation at 504-247-1716.