Staff Directory

Enterprise Risk Services (ERS)

Angela leads the Enterprise Risk Services Department and serves as Chair of the Governance Risk and Compliance Steering Committee (GRCSC) and ERM and Policy Steering Committee (EPSC). She oversees the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, Risk Management, Insurance, and Emergency Management. Her office is responsible for overseeing the management and development of university administrative policies and the implementation of university-wide Enterprise Risk Management. She promotes the consistent use of risk management and ownership of risk at all levels of the institution, sets the strategic risk management vision, and creates the institutional framework for risk management. She oversees efforts to recover damage expenses from insurance providers and government agencies and implements controls for university compliance with the goal of efficiently protecting the university’s assets and integrity.

Angela can be reached at 504-865-5653 or

Nadia Jenkins, MBA - Senior Department Administrator and Assistant to AVP of Enterprise Risk Services

Nadia provides administrative support AVP of Enterprise Risk Services and leads the ERM initiative. She serves on the ERM & Policy Steering Committee (EPSC) and chairs the ERM Work Group. In this collaborative role, Nadia leads the ERM software implementation and development processes across Incident/Claims, Audit, Policy, and Compliance and helps embed risk assessment and controls management into the university-wide culture and its daily operations to minimize risks and maximize opportunities while supporting the success of mission-critical deliverables. She is responsible for drafting the Policy on Policy and the GRC Executive Council and ERM & Policy governance charters and reorganizing the Enterprise Risk Services website. Nadia serves on the EDI sub-committee and University EHS Committee. Nadia is SAC member and serves as a councilwoman to the Senate and on the Senate Budget Committee.

Nadia can be reached at 504-314-2291 or

Diane Surla, MBA
Executive Director of Risk Management

Diane leads the Insurance, Claims Management, and Occupational Health department of Enterprise Risk Services. Her role includes managing the claims process related to property and casualty claims for the university and also the Occupational Health department to ensure we meet federal and state regulations such as OSHA standards. She conducts proactive risk assessments at all areas of the university to mitigate risk before a loss occurs and collaborates with all departments to create a culture of risk throughout the organization. Diane participates in the university-wide Enterprise Risk Management initiative in order to identify risks at the university and engage the university partners to take ownership of those risks.

Diane can be reached at 504-314-2289 or


Julia Pellegrin

Assistant Director of Policy, Occupational Healthcare Surveillance & Training
Risk Management – Occupational Health

Julia is a team member of the Enterprise Risk Services Department and serves as the Manager of Occupational Healthcare Surveillance & Training. She works with employees to identify necessary medical surveillance and medical screening requirements as mandated by applicable federal and state regulations. Julia oversees program and policy development as they relate to the occupational health of employees. She tracks and reports all OSHA recordable injuries and illnesses and collaborates with the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) and the Office of Workers’ Compensation to ensure all workplace exposures are managed as required by applicable regulatory standards. Julia administers and maintains the Compliance Needs Assessment process which aids in the identification of risks and hazards to which employees may be exposed. She also manages all inquiries and requests regarding TULearn (Bridge) and Canvas as they relate to Enterprise Risk Services training.

Julia can be reached at 504-314-2737 or

Ashley Cassell 

Risk Management - Training Manager

Ashley is a team member of the Enterprise Risk Services Department and serves as the Manager of Risk Training. She works with the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) and the Office of Worker’s Compensation to ensure employees and students have the training necessary to minimize risks and hazards. She manages inquiries and requests regarding TULearn (Bridge) and Canvas related to Enterprise Risk Services training.

Ashley can be reached at 504-314-2735 or

Bunnie Sylve

Risk Management - Risk and Claims Analyst

Bunnie recently joined Tulane’s Risk Management Team, where she will serve as the Risk and Claims Analyst. In this role, she will assist with the day-to-day management of the university claims and insurance programs. In collaboration with Human Resources, OEHS, OERS, OGC, and appropriate committees, she will work to create, implement, manage, and evaluate the risk management programs of the university. Bunnie will serve as the liaison between employees and third parties; and oversee the quality and performance of the university’s Third-Party Administrator (TPA), CorVel.  

Before joining this team, she worked in the Office of Human Resources & Institutional Equity for eleven years.

Bunnie can be reached at (504) 247-1716 or

Jason Ferguson
Executive Director of Emergency Management

Jason provides executive leadership for the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response as its team works collaboratively with Tulane’s departments and external response partners to prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate against disasters of all types. He is an interdisciplinary emergency management professional with nearly 20 years of progressive experience in higher education, public health, and emergency management sectors. Jason holds a master’s degree in public health (MPH), is a member of the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) and is a certified instructor of FEMA’s Incident Command System (ICS) curriculum. Jason also brings a wealth of knowledge, best practices, and lessons learned from deployments on several disaster response missions, including Typhoon Haiyan and Hurricane Harvey. He has led the development of Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs), after-action reports (AARs), and improvement plans (IPs) for university campuses as well as municipal and county governments. Jason also led the development of Team Rubicon’s training and exercise division to equip military veterans and civilian volunteers to render critical aid rapidly, effectively, and safely within disaster-affected communities worldwide.

Jason can be reached at (504) 988-9914 or

Donald Veals Jr., LEM
Assistant Director
Emergency Preparedness and Response

Donald partners with local, state, and federal agencies to ensure compliance. In an effort to continuously improve the University’s ability to respond to emergencies and manage incidents effectively, Donald works directly with faculty, staff, and students to develop, implement, manage, and improve campus-wide Emergency Preparedness plans and programs. He is a certified Louisiana Emergency Manager (LEM), Law Enforcement Active Shooter Emergency Responder (LASER), Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) Instructor, a member of the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) and the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).

Donald can be reached at 504-314-7137 or

Meredith Beers, PhD, MPH
Associate Director
Emergency Management - Business Continuity of Operations Program

Meredith helps plan and coordinate the University’s continuity of operations in the event of an emergency, as well as write and exercise the University’s emergency plans. Meredith earned her Ph.D. in public health with a concentration in disaster management, her MPH, and a B.A. in English from Tulane. She is also an adjunct assistant professor at the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in the department of environmental health sciences and has served as an adjunct professor at the School of Social Work in the Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy.

Meredith can be reached at 504-314-7229 or

Tracey L. Braden
Assistant Director, Disaster Assistance and Recovery


With extensive knowledge of and experience with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) disaster cost recovery process, Tracey reports directly to the Executive Director of Emergency Management and works collaboratively across Tulane departments to develop and implement efficient systems and processes that are anchored in the best practices and maximize Tulane’s ability to recover costs and build back stronger post-disaster. As the Assistant Director, she develops standard operating procedures (SOPs) based upon FEMA-approved procurement and documentation requirements and provides relative training to other team members. Tracey serves as Tulane’s direct point of contact for FEMA and the State of Louisiana’s public assistance program representative. In this capacity, she oversees all project worksheets (PWs) and serves as the lead negotiator in the closeout process of existing and future FEMA claims. Tracey has a bachelor's degree in architecture and more than 25 years of experience in construction project management, and for the past 4 years, she has served as the FEMA/GOHSEP liaison at a local university. This direct experience has given her the expertise to navigate the technical and challenging reimbursement processes. With these skills, she is uniquely positioned to assist Tulane with recouping much-needed federal funds. Coupled with her construction project management Tracey is prepared to assist the Emergency Preparedness team with developing policies, procedures, and strategies that will help guide the university in quickly responding to disasters affecting its facilities. By creating comprehensive plans in advance of weather-related disasters, she will play a key role in organizing the cost recovery so that the facilities can be restored in a timely fashion.


Tracey can be reached at (504) 988-9912 or

Scott Chauvin

Emergency Coordinator

Scott joined the Tulane University team in August 2022 as the Emergency Coordinator. As the Emergency Management Coordinator, Scott works to prepare for, prevent and lessen the hardships faced during emergencies. The role includes maintaining the Emergency operations spaces, reviewing and revising emergency operations plans, and preparing for and analyzing damage assessment both prior to and after a disaster.

Scott can be reached at (504) 314-2290 or

Bryan Lassoe

Student Worker

Bryan is a Junior at Tulane University majoring in Homeland Security (B.A.) with a 4+1 in Emergency Management (M.A.) and a Minor in Psychology.

Bryan can be reached at

Merrilee Montgomery

Student Worker

Merrilee joined the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response in June 2022 as Student Worker directly assisting the Emergency Preparedness and Response and Business Continuity Managers. Merrilee is a junior studying Homeland Security, International Relations, and Computer Science with a minor in Arabic. 

Merrilee can be reached at

Pamela Fatland

Director, Research & Laboratory Safety

Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS)

Pam specializes in laboratory and research safety. She oversees the overall operation of environmental health and safety compliance and training programs that pertain to laboratories, art studios, and research projects across all Tulane campuses and locations. Some of the EHS programs which Pam manages include hazard communication, chemical safety, laboratory safety compliance, formaldehyde safety, hazardous waste management, animal handling safety, accident investigation, and OSHA injury/illness reporting. Pam works with academic and operating departments to integrate EHS compliance into applicable operations based on best management practices, consensus guidelines, and university policy. Pam serves on Tulane’s EHS Operations Committee, New Orleans Campuses IACUC, Primate Center IACUC, Radiation Safety Committee, as well as many other committees with the ultimate goal of promoting safety and compliance at the university. Pam is a member of SAC.

Pam can be reached at 504-988-2800 or

Marcel Charbonnet

Lab Safety Manager 

Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) - Research and Laboratory Safety

Marcel supports the university-wide Laboratory Safety Program. This program includes safety inspections of research groups and lab spaces, regulatory compliance education, review of chemical purchases, and the investigation and resolution of unsafe conditions in labs. He oversees the OEHS portion of the Tulane Controlled Substances Program, including annual inspections of storage areas and assisting with the destruction of excess or expired controlled materials.

Marcel can be reached at 504-988-2871 or

Haylie Tucker

Environmental Health and Safety Specialist III & Assistant Chemical Hygiene Officer

Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) - Research and Laboratory Safety

Haylie specializes in laboratory safety, regulatory compliance, and research support. They act as an EHS liaisons for Tulane's Institutional Biosafety Committee. They perform safety inspections, ensure regulatory compliance, develop presentations for Departmental Safety Representative meetings, assist in developing EHS programs, and provide safety training and recommendations to researchers. They also assist the Hazardous Waste Management Program in the classification and maintenance of hazardous waste. Haylie is committed to fostering a Culture of Safety at Tulane University.

Haylie can be reached at 504-988-2864 or at

Chandler Whalen

Manager, Chemical Safety

Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) - Research and Laboratory Safety

Chandler specializes in chemical safety and hazardous waste regulatory compliance. He performs environmental inspections, develops presentations for Quarterly Departmental Safety Representative meetings, and provides hazardous waste pickup services for laboratories on campus. He also provides compliance assistance to laboratories and campus building projects. Chandler is committed to managing an exemplary hazardous waste program at Tulane to help ensure the safety of everyone at Tulane and the environment.

Chandler can be reached at 504-988-7162 or

Alma Bartolome, MS

Environmental Health and Safety Specialist III, Hazardous Waste

Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) - Research and Laboratory Safety

Alma takes pride in serving the Tulane community. Her areas of expertise include the hazardous waste management program on all campuses, waste minimization, equipment transfer and disposal, regulatory reporting, and laboratory safety. She works towards improving the safety culture regarding hazardous waste and laboratory compliance-related issues.

Alma can be reached at

Robert Smith

Environmental Health and Safety Specialist II, Waste

Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) – Hazardous Waste and Lab and Research Safety

Robert Takes pride in working for Tulane and providing ways to ensure the workplace is safe for everyone. His areas of expertise include chemical safety and lab safety on all campuses (downtown, uptown, and TNPRC). Robert is certified in HAZWOPER 40 and to safely handle hazardous waste and comply with Federal RCRA and state regulations. He provides hazardous waste pickups for all three campuses.

Robert Can be reached at 504-237-1826 or at

Anthony R. Davila, MS

Radiation Safety Officer

Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) – Radiation Safety

Tony is the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) who is responsible for the radiation safety program at Tulane University across all campuses. This program includes oversight of radioactive materials, radiation-producing machines, and the irradiator. Tony is responsible for reviewing and approving protocols, providing dosimetry and training as needed, and calibrating equipment. He provides guidance regarding procurement, safe handling, monitoring, use, and disposal of all sources of radiation. As the RSO, Tony also serves as director of the laser safety program. Tony’s professional interests include radiation pedagogy, radiological protection within veterinary medicine and human medicine, and radiological/nuclear emergency management and response. 

Tony can be reached at 504-988-2867 or 

Barry “B.J.” Autin, Jr.

Director of Facilities and Construction Safety

Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS)

BJ supervises OEHS managers and specialists assigned to Facilities, Theater, and Construction activities on all Tulane campuses. He manages the facilities, theater, and construction site EHS inspection program, attends project planning and construction meetings, develops/provides EHS training, provides technical assistance on EHS-related concerns, and offers recommendations on food service activities/functions. BJ also works with academic, operating departments, and appropriate OEHS staff to integrate EHS compliance into applicable operations. He supervises the development and implementation of OEHS policies, procedures, and training programs. BJ reviews incident and injury reports and assigns investigations and corrective actions as needed. He participates in departmental and university-wide hurricane planning and response activities. BJ assists with emergency response planning and management of activities following critical situations on campus.

BJ can be contacted at 504-988-1642 or

Karen D. Douglas

Assistant Director of Construction and Facilities Safety

Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) – Construction and Safety

Karen manages the facilities safety program for uptown and downtown campuses. She provides training, guidance, and safety training management for health and safety topics related to facility worker and theater worker safety. She coordinates the Departmental Safety Representative (DSR) Program for all campuses, except the Primate Center, and is a cohort for office, facilities, and shop/studio DSRs. 

Karen can be reached at 504-988-3996 or

Kevin Hammond

Environmental Health & Safety Manager

Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) – Construction and Safety

As an Environmental, Health, and Safety Specialist for more than 12 years, Kevin comes to Tulane University to assist with maintaining and growing a safety culture in construction and facilities. Technically savvy, his duties include assisting the university with environmental compliance issues, guidance relative to facilities, and safety issues, and developing a more proactive approach to safety. Kevin conducts accident investigations, including recommendations, reporting, and follow-up. Also, he participates in Tulane’s Emergency Response Team during emergencies and conducts new hire orientations for OEHS.

Kevin can be reached at 504-988-0393 or

L. Morgan Cross, REM

Environmental Compliance Manager

Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) – Public Health and Environmental Programs

As Environmental Compliance Manager of OEHS, Morgan oversees remediation of hazardous materials in construction and maintenance as well as traditional environmental programs such as air, water, SPCC, etc. He offers 20+ years of experience as a Registered Environmental Manager. He has led a diverse array of projects pertaining to asbestos, lead, mold investigation/remediation, and demolition/construction activities.  Morgan has extensive experience with indoor air quality assessments, underground storage tank regulations, and Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs). He has significant experience in environmental health and safety requirements pertaining to academic and research institutions.

Morgan can be reached at 504-988-2874 or

Daniel Manieri, MPH

Assistant Director of Public Health and Environmental Compliance

Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) – Public Health and Environmental Programs

Daniel oversees programs such as environmental risks in child-occupied facilities, exposure control methods and monitoring, hearing conservation, indoor air quality assessments, project design review, respiratory protection, and risk assessments. A graduate of Tulane University’s School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Daniel offers 10 years of experience in industrial hygiene programs. He has worked in various sectors such as academic and research institutions, ventilation testing, manufacturing plants, research and development facilities, petrochemical facilities, and shipyards. He is an accredited Lead Risk Assessor, Lead-based Paint Inspector, Asbestos Management Planner, and Asbestos Inspector.

Daniel can be reached at 504-988-8443 or

Blake Autin

Environmental Health & Safety Specialist III

Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) – Public Health and Environmental Programs

Blake is an Environmental Health & Safety Specialist III who is a valuable resource for asbestos and lead-based paint inspections, exposure monitoring, project design reviews, and training development. As a former safety employee in the oil and gas industry, Blake provides a broad range of experience in environmental health and safety programs and has experience implementing EHS programs into day-to-day work practices. He is an accredited Lead-based Paint Inspector, Asbestos Management Planner, and Asbestos Inspector.

Blake can be reached at 504-988-2866 or

William “Jason” Pinkston

EHS Specialist II, Facilities

William can be reached at Office – 504-988-2870, Cell – 601-436-8889 or Email –

Rachad Washington

EHS Specialist I

Rachad can be reached at Office – 504-988-2873, Cell – 504-228-4768 or Email –

Treva Johnson

ERH Specialist II, Public Health

Treva can be reached at Office – 504-988-7618 or Email –

Kelly McQueen Johnson

ERH Specialist I, Laboratory

Kelly can be reached via Email –

Anna Lander

ERH Specialist II, Waste

Anna can be reached via Email –