Events & Activities

Events and activities, both on and off campus, are an integral part of the Tulane experience. However, because events and activities may result in actual or perceived increase of risk to Tulane or to the participants, they may need additional scrutiny and review to minimize risk and so that appropriate measures may be taken to shift, reduce or insure acceptable risks. 

The Office of Insurance & Risk Management will be your partner in identifying potential exposures or losses and developing the most effective plans and solutions for your event or activity. Our goal is to minimize the risk of loss to Tulane by:

  • Identifying sources of potential loss
  • Assessing the impact of potential losses
  • Selecting or recommending risk management options
  • Implementing risk management strategies
  • Monitoring risk management solutions for effectiveness

Because each event or activity is unique, the event coordinator (the University representative responsible for planning and/or supervising the event or activity) or facilities manager (the University representative responsible for the facility or location where the event or activity will take place) should contact the Office of Insurance and Risk Management to discuss the proposed event or activity. Some events and activities may not be approved because they have the potential for adverse effects that cannot be sufficiently mitigated through loss control efforts. Non-University groups and each third party providing services to the University (e.g., food or entertainment) must provide an insurance certificate evidencing certain minimum insurance requirements. If the minimum insurance requirements cannot be met, then Events Coverage (or TULIP coverage) must be purchased. Please contact the Office of Insurance & Risk Management (865.5653) for details on insurance requirements and rates in Events/TULIP coverage.


Facilities Use Rental Agreements will be required for any third party individual or business entity seeking to use a Tulane University for a non-University sponsored event or activity. University coordinators working with non-University sponsors, coordinators and vendors should assure that the appropriate contracts are in place (consult with the Office of the General Counsel). Also, for certain University-sponsored events or activities, Assumption of the Risk, Waiver and Release of Liability forms may be required to provide participants with a better understanding of the responsibilities or risks associated with participating in an event or activity. Please contact the Office of Insurance & Risk Management for more information at 504.865.5653 or email


Most University-sponsored events and activities do not require the purchase of insurance because the University provides liability coverage for most authorized activities. However, certain higher risk activities or large scale events may not be covered under the University's insurance policy. In those rare instances where the University's insurance does not cover a University-sponsored event or activity, the event coordinator will be notified and the responsible department may be required to purchase additional insurance.