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Mold & Indoor Air Quality

What is Mold?

Molds are living organisms that are found in both indoor and outdoor environments. Molds can grow on most organic-based material where moisture is present. When excessive moisture or water intrusion occurs indoors, mold growth may occur. Excessive mold growth has the potential to cause negative health effects such as allergy like symptoms or skin and respiratory irritation. Currently there are no federal or state regulatory standards for mold or mold spores relating to occupational exposure. EPA emphasizes that the key to mold control is through preventative maintenance. If water intrusion is occurring in an indoor space, actions should be taken immediately to identify and repair the source of moisture and remediate the mold by cleaning or removal, if required.

What are the responsibilities of building occupants?

  • Building occupants should notify Campus Services of any water-related issues that exist in the occupied space.
  • Building occupants shall not block registers or grilles that would inhibit air conditioning in the occupied space.
  • Building occupants follow the requirements and recommendations provided by Campus Services or other responsible party for minimizing moisture intrusion.

When is mold remediation required?

Mold growth conditions that are classified as ‘minimal’ comprise a contiguous or cumulative growth area of less than 10 square feet where the source of the water-related issue is known. Minimum mold growth conditions can be corrected by Campus Services personnel by using cleaning protocols created by OEHS. Cleaning should occur when affected spaces are unoccupied.

Mold growth conditions that are classified as ‘significant’ require further investigation and may require remediation. 'Significant' conditions meet the following criteria:

  • When a building occupant notifies Campus Services of mold growth and expresses a health concern,
  • When the source of the mold growth is not easily identifiable or known, or
  • When mold growth conditions comprise a contiguous or cumulative area of 10 or more square feet.

How should I communicate a mold or indoor air quality concern?


Indoor Air Quality Assessment Protocol (for Campus Services & Bernhard employees)

Mold Fact Sheet

Mold Guidance Policy